Personal Mailboxes

Why do you need a Personal Mailbox?

  • Private and Discreet Mail and Package Delivery

  • Never Miss A Delivery Again!
  • Safe and Secure Package Receiving

We Accept Deliveries From ALL Major Carriers! FedEx, UPS, Amazon, USPS, DHL, OnTrac, etc…

  • On The Go? Having A Centralized Location For Mail and Package Deliveries Makes Travelling a Breeze!

  • Personal Mailboxes Qualify As a Physical Address

  • A Physical Address Provides Your Small Business With a Professional Image


                                                3 Months       6 Months         1-Year

VINTAGE “COMBO”         $42               $70            $140

SMALL*                             $60               $100           $200

MEDIUM*                           $72               $120           $240

LARGE*                             $90               $150           $300

X-LARGE*                        $105               $175          $350

**All Sizes Subject to Availability**

*Plus $10 Key Deposit

Here's what to do:

Complete this form

  • Save it to your desktop or smart phone
  • Attach it to an email and send to:

Bring in two (2) forms of ID:

  • current driver’s license or state identification card
  • armed forces, government, university, or recognized corporation identification card
  • passport
  • alien registration card or certificate of naturalization
  • current lease, mortgage or Deed of Trust
  • voter or vehicle registration card
  • home or vehicle insurance registration card

That’s it! We’ll take care of the rest!